Welcome to Hermann-Ehlers-Haus,

Osnabrück. Come on in!

Welcome to Hermann-Ehlers-Haus,

Osnabrück. Come on in!

The best of two worlds – study and free time!


Hermann-Ehlers-Haus is in a great location in the west of Osnabrück, only 2.5 km from the university and the city centre.  Like life on two wheels? Then you’ll be happy to hear there’s a bike store too. You can reach many of Osnabrück’s important locations within 10 minutes by bike such as university, shopping facilities, inner city areas and bars.


If you are traveling by car, the nearest motorway access is Osnabrück-Hellern on the A30 and there are more than 100 free on-site parking spaces available. There are four bus stops to choose from in the surrounding area (Mittagskamp, ​​Kurt-Schumacher-Damm, Sandgrube, Alfred-Delp-Straße).


If you are traveling by train, you can continue your way from the main station by bus. Want to enjoy nature? Then you are within minutes of the countryside here at Hermann-Ehlers-Haus.



Find the space for you


Cluster flats


The dorm has 269 single rooms on five floors. The rooms are fully furnished with everything a student needs – including super-fast internet! Our single rooms are spread into different cluster flats. The residents of the single rooms share a bathroom with several shower and toilet cabins per cluster flat. We offer a large kitchen with a huge dining area with plenty of space for cooking, eating and chilling.




Would you love to have a private bathroom, your own kitchenette, more space and a more great amenities? Then our apartments are just right for you.


Our 28 single apartments and 12 double apartments were completely modernized in 2014. Nice, bright apartments and a modern interior will make you feel right at home. The double apartments also have their own balcony, perfect to have breakfast, taking a sunbath or to end the day in the evening.


FREE Utilities – All bills included

Common Room

Games Room

On-site Laundry

On-site Management

On-site Maintenance

On-site Bicycle Storage

FREE On-site Parking

Receipt of Parcels & Secure Postboxes


Study Room

  • PS4 Pro with games for FREE gaming in the common room
  • Electronic Dartboard
  • Pool billiard for FREE
  • Table football
  • Table tennis/ping pong
  • Shelves with books for FREE (read it, bring it back)
  • On-site Printer with 10 EUR FREE starting credit, Scanning for FREE

Tenancy Dates


The tenancy length is for 6 months.

Choose the tenancy date which fits best to your study.


Studienkolleg Mettingen:

Winter Semester Start – 1st August 2020 to 31st January 2021


University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück:

Winter Semester Start – 1st September 2020 to 28th February 2021


University of Osnabrück:

Winter Semester Start – 1st October 2020 to 31st March 2021



Payment Options


You can pay the rent by bank transfer. The rent is due in advance at the beginning of the month, latest at the third business day.





Following a successful application we will require a deposit of €500 to secure a room. Please note that the payment of the deposit is a term of the tenancy agreement. This deposit is subject to the cancellation policy. The deposit will be returned at the end of the tenancy less any deductions for breakages, damages or losses.



Prices and Booking Information


  • You must be sure that you have the funds available to pay the monthly instalments.
  • Charges will be incurred on any late payments.


1) If you decide to cancel the booking, you are required to pay the contractual rent until a new tenant has been found for you.

2) If a replacement tenant is found, we will release you from your tenancy agreement with effect from the start date of the new tenancy agreement.

Promotions Terms & Conditions

Refer A Friend, Save €150 Promotion T&Cs


You will save €150 on your rent for the next semester for every friend you refer, and so will your friend!


This saving will be credited to your account and it will be deducted from your final rent instalment.


The credit will be added after the booking of your referred friend is complete at the end of the 14-day cooling off period for your referred friend’s booking.


There is limited availability for this offer so it cannot be guaranteed.


A minimum tenancy of six months is required.

Existing Customer Price Freeze Promotion T&Cs


1) If you book with Prime Student Living you will be eligible for a price freeze on your rent subject to the following conditions:

  • You must already be a resident with us and want to rebook for the same building;
  • The offer is non-transferable;
  • A minimum tenancy of six consecutive months is required for your next booking; and
  • You must successfully complete the tenancy process, including (but are not limited to): providing proof of ID, make the deposit payment and signing a tenancy agreement


2) Should you cancel your contract prior to the end date or do not meet the payment terms set out in the tenancy agreement the offer will be retracted. Any discount will then be reversed and become payable as part of the rental agreement.


3) There is limited availability for this offer so it cannot be guaranteed and is subject to availability.


4) This offer only applies to the Prime Student Living operated properties in Germany and is not transferable between properties.


5) The offer is valid from Friday 21st August until Friday 5th September at 23:59 GMT+1


6) The discounted rent compared to the new rates will be credited against your final, sixth rent payment. This will either be deducted from your one-off semi-annual payment or, if you pay monthly, from the final rent payment.


8) This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.


9) This offer is made at the absolute discretion of Prime Student Living Limited. We reserve the right to withdraw, modify or substitute the offer at any time and without notice during this promotion.

We’d love to hear from you…
+49 (0) 1573 1096443  •   osnabrueck@primestudentliving.de
We’d love to hear from you…
Be Part of it at Hermann-Ehlers-Haus, Osnabrück